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Image of Christian Falsnaes -

Christian Falsnaes -

· 2500 DKK / Apx 335 €
· 2 color screen print on heavyweight archival paper.
· 70 cm x 50 cm
· Edition of 40
· Signed and numbered by the artist

Why such a wierd title? Actually the title is a YouTube web address. Click it and get the background story about this art print

· This work was made especially as a part of the exclusive collection by Limited Works entitled "LW INHOUSE EDITION". We invited a bunch of our favourite artists to work with our extremely talented printer Louise Drubigny. The exclusive collection was produced in Louises studios in Berlin using high quality water-based inks on heavy weight archival paper.

Christian Falsnaes is a danish born artist based in Vienna, Switzerland. Before graduating form the Academy of fine arts in Vienna, Falsnaes studied Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and participated ferociously in the graffiti and squatting scenes of Copenhagen.

Falsnaes' main artistic focus lies within the field of performance art. His general artistic concern explores the barriers between pop culture and elitist thinking. The approach being to mirror the conceptions of various social interaction, exaggerate them and thus expose an underlying absurdity.
Christian Falsnaes is represented by Rhode Contemporary.

Christian Falsnaes er danskfødt kunstner bosat i Schweiz, hvor han tog sin uddannelse fra Kunstakademiet i Wien. Inden han påbegyndte sin kunstuddannelse studerede Falsnaes filosofi ved Københavns Universitet. København dannede også den primære ramme for hans engagement i graffiti og squatting bevægelserne frem til hans optagelse på Kunstakademiet i Wien.

Falsnaes' primære fokus er performancekunsten. Hans overordnede retning går mod at udfordre grænserne mellem højkultur og popkultur. Tilgangen er spejling af en række sociale konventioner, som udfordres gennem overdrivelse og således drager et absurd element frem i vores forståelse af hverdagen.
Christian Falsnaes er repræsenteret af Rode Contemporary

Image of Christian Falsnaes -
Image of Christian Falsnaes -
Image of Christian Falsnaes -
Image of Christian Falsnaes -