Mikkel Møller (Dais) - White Square

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Image of Mikkel Møller (Dais) - White Square

· Apx 107 €
· Photo / Materials: White Water Color
· 50 cm x 40 cm (incl white space)
· Printed on Xerox Lab (Plotter)
· Paper: Gloss Photo Paper 200 g/m2
· Edition of 10
· Signed by the artist
· This work is part of a series, that Mikkel Møller did working two dimentionally in three dimentional scenes. He creates optical squares based on objects in urban spaces by mixing photography and installation.


Mikkel Møller has a background in the Danish graffiti and street-art scene. But unlike the norm of this particular type of artist, he does not intend to establish a permanent and easily recognizable style. Quite contrary, He is much more inspired by expanding and combining different categories in his often conceptual and idea based approach.



Mikkel Møller har baggrund i graffiti og street-art miljøet. Men I modsætning normen for denne type af kunstnere, fokuserer han ikke på at etablere en fast og let genkendelig stil. Han bliver langt mere inspireret af at forsøge at udvide og blande kategorierne i hans ofte konceptuelle og idébårne tilgang til værkerne.



by Mikkel Møller / Dais
Image of Mikkel Møller (Dais) - White Square Image of Mikkel Møller (Dais) - White Square Image of Mikkel Møller (Dais) - White Square