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Image of Asbjørn Skou - Frothing, Foaming & Teeming

Asbjørn Skou - Frothing, Foaming & Teeming

· Price 199 dkk / 27 €
· Art book by Asbjørn Skou
· Frothing, Foaming & Teeming
· 33 pages. 28X37,5 cm. Edition of 200
· Printed, designed and bound by KLD Repro
· Supported by The Danish Art Foundation
· 2017

The dead ecologies of economy are haunted. Their geographies and bodies are looming over and shining out, as malign agents of a hyperobject wraith that looms over and shines out through all and everywhere.

A seething bioform is cannibalizing the Company building in which it has been grown. The very architecture of the Company is blossoming into abject life, and sprouting ghosts that haunts the occupants, as they still seek to capitalize on the infested commercial enterprise.

Three mercenaries and an alchemist roams through the headquarters of the European Central Bank, in search of a fabled magic mushroom reputed to grow within the semi-deserted building. What they find will illuminate something festering in both the building and themselves.

In a nameless container-port, a shipping company is loading a mythic cargo onto a freighter. But in the metal cubicles of the port, forgotten things have lingered and grown, and from the sea, things rise and sink and rise again.

A fragmented story of ontological disaster-sites discharged by capitalism in a climate-chaotic age, where uncanny fictions infest geography and sprout visceral monsters, and radical otherness may be a way to resist inside the catastrophe.

About the artist
Asbjørn Skou is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. He was born in 1984 in Copenhagen and studied at the Academy of Art in Bremen, Germany. He works primarily with drawing, interventions in public space and site- and time-specific installations.

Asbjørn Skou´s work is documental, rooted in observation and intricate research, but he restates this research by assembling it in the fluctuating space between fact and fiction, and utilizing this as means, to generate a critique of contemporary historical and cultural constructions. He uses drawing, photos, found visual material, installation and projection, to create artwork that serves as a form of critical spatial research and communication.

His work is concerned with investigating the peripheral and hidden structures of actual spaces and discourse, and communicating these in attempts to navigate and negotiate their identity.

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Image of Asbjørn Skou - Frothing, Foaming & Teeming
Image of Asbjørn Skou - Frothing, Foaming & Teeming
Image of Asbjørn Skou - Frothing, Foaming & Teeming
Image of Asbjørn Skou - Frothing, Foaming & Teeming