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Image of Edward Morgan - Help A Brother Out

Edward Morgan - Help A Brother Out

· Apx 54.00 € 
/ 400.00 kr
· 4 color risograph print on heavyweight archival paper
· A4

· Edition of 30
· Year 2015
· Signed and numbered by the artist

This piece looks great in a ready made quality frame from Nielsen.
Choose solid oak or black wood.

If you wish to pick it up in the gallery, just add the code NOSHIPPING in the discount code box to avoid shipping fee. (Our address is Blågårdsgade 17, 2200 Cph N)

Edward Morgan lives and works in Copenhagen. He studied fine art in London at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2012. He works with painting, drawing, video and performance.

The landscapes all share the central motif of a road traversing through mountains and valleys leading to or passing monumental buildings. This fantasy world creates a scene where the stakes have risen in the human pursuit of creating meaning through ceremony and a directed spirituality. Like many civilisations in human history it's the architecture that shows they lost there way. This invented world may be absurd but the lingering question with all Morgan's work is how much more absurd is his fantasy world to ours?

These limited edition prints are created using risograph machines at Ditto press in London.

Image of Edward Morgan - Help A Brother Out