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Image of Inka Bell - Moon Machine II

Inka Bell - Moon Machine II

1200 DKK / 161 EUR
· Screen print on heavy weight acid free cardstock paper
· 15,5 x 23,5 cm
· 2016
· Edition of 8
· Printed signed and numbered by the artist

This artwork is available for shipping everywhere. But if you wish to buy it framed, then shipping is only available in Denmark. You are of course always welcome to pick it up in our shop, which is located at Blågårdsgade 11.B, 2200 Copenhagen. Use the code “PICKUP” at checkout, to avoid the shipping fee.

Inka Bell (born in Espoo, Finland, 1981) is a visual artist mostly working within the expanded field of printmaking. In her practice she explores the relationship between two and three dimensional, through material, color, surface and repetition. The paper plays a central role in her work, which she uses for printing or shaping it into new forms. Inka's practise typically involves a dialog with a machine, such as a computer to create a matrix, or a tool that enables her to work with the material in ways which wouldn't be possible with her bare hands.

The artist lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Image of Inka Bell - Moon Machine II