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Image of Inka Bell - Squares

Inka Bell - Squares

· Screen print on heavy weight archival paper
· 55,5 x 77 cm
· Edition of 33
· 2019
· Printed signed and numbered by the artist

This artwork looks great in our readymade frame Scandic from Nielsen. Choose between solid oak, black or white.

Unfortunately we do not ship framed works of this size, but you are welcome to pick it up in our shop, which is located at Blågårdsgade 11.B, 2200 Copenhagen. Use the code “NOSHIPPING” at checkout, to avoid the shipping fee.

Inka Bell is a Helsinki based printmaker, mostly working with screen printing. Inka's work usually draws from her observations about physical and abstract spaces. She has the urge to depict certain scenarios and states of being. Inka is enchanted by the idea of how much can be expressed with how little. Often counter forces and their relation are present in her work.

One typical feature of Inka's artistic process is the contrast of contemporary ways of creating images and executing them with traditional printmaking methods, such as screen printing or stone lithography. She also feels that the physical aspect of the printmaking process is essential to her work. Inka Bell is also the co-founder of the award winning design company.

Image of Inka Bell - Squares
Image of Inka Bell - Squares