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Image of Jan S. Hansen - Guess (Book)

Jan S. Hansen - Guess (Book)

Apx 37 €
210 x 297 mm
276 pages
B/W Digital print
150 g Munken Lynx Rough
Edition of 200
Published July 2015
Graphic design: Jacob Birch

GUESS is an artists’ book by Jan S. Hansen that gathers a collection of black and white photographs taken on his travels, in his close environment or places in between. The photographs are the artist’s observations of a wide range of motives: landscapes, animals, abandoned hotel rooms, windows and lost shoes. A large part of the photographs depict environments void of people or life, producing a sense of being out of time and place. At first glance the images seem diverse and scattered, but an underlying feeling joins them together, creating an undefined impression of observing the world, both in front of and behind the immediate and visible.

Jan S. Hansen was born in 1980, Denmark, and has traveled widely for the past 15 years. His practice is based on autobiographical and sociological reflections, spanning a broad range of media such as painting, installation, ceramics and photography.

Jan S. Hansen (born in Denmark, 1980) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the summer of 2010, where he was honoured with the Blix Prize. Jan works with painting, drawing, photo, collage and music. His work is a clash of ideas and visuals merged with fragmented poetry. With an off-beat humor and open riddling writings the works of Jan S. Hansen invites the viewer to participate through personal interpretation.

The artist lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Image of Jan S. Hansen - Guess (Book)
Image of Jan S. Hansen - Guess (Book)
Image of Jan S. Hansen - Guess (Book)
Image of Jan S. Hansen - Guess (Book)