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Image of Jody Barton - People Power 2

Jody Barton - People Power 2

· 900 DKK / 121 €
· 1 color screen print on heavy weight water color paper
· 48 x 64 cm
· 2018
· Edition of 70
· Signed and numbered by the artist

· This print is a new version of Jody Bartons illustration "People Power", that got selected for the New York Times 'Year In Illustrations' of 2017.
Hundreds of tiny figures on the move give a feeling of a busy world seen from above.

This artwork looks good in our Accent frames by Nielsen. We'll mount it on acid free card stock.
Choose between solid oak, black or white

Unfortunately we do not ship framed works of this size.
Pick up address: Limited Works, Blågårdsgade 17, Copenhagen.
Add the code NOSHIPPING in the discount code box to avoid shipping fee.

Jody Barton is a british but Copenhagen based illustrator and hand-drawn typographer. Most of his work is minimalistic and sketchy with some sort of sarcastic or comical phrase or slogan handwritten somewhere on it. His cynical take on important environmental issues helped him get some recognition in the art world. He studied art in London at Camberwell College of Arts and the Royal College of Art. Barton has extensive experience working in animation and sound. He has a way of combining word and image that is unique and compelling. short simple phrases can go a long way – especially when tackling topics that have been drilled so far into our heads that we almost don’t hear them anymore.

Image of Jody Barton - People Power 2
Image of Jody Barton - People Power 2
Image of Jody Barton - People Power 2