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Image of KC Ortiz - Monday February 18 2008

KC Ortiz - Monday February 18 2008

· 791 € / 5900 DKR
· Acrylic on paper on heavy weight archival paper
· Original artwork
· 42x59,4 (A2)
· 2018
· Signed

Full Title: "Monday February 18 2008. Death at a wedding in Fremont, California. Fingers burn over a stove in Islamabad, Pakistan. First taste of fish in Yokohama, Japan."

This piece looks amazing in our ready made wooden frames from Nielsen.
Choose between solid oak, black or white wood.

Unfortunately we do not ship framed works of this size.
Pick up address: Limited Works, Blågårdsgade 11B, Copenhagen
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KC Ortiz’s life story sounds more fantastic than fiction—but it’s all true. From Chicago’s train yards to 5 years in federal prison, to a career as a seasoned photojournalist, KC’s art today is a reflection of a life lived to the fullest.

There are pivotal moments that most artists can point to that helped shape not only who they are, but the type of work that they produce. For photographer/illustrator, KC Ortiz, those moments started as a youth—guided by the allure of graffiti on the streets of Chicago—which introduced him to the exhilaration that would course through him as he painted illegal pieces and evaded the police.

Twenty years later, Ortiz would find himself in some of the most dangerous and precarious regions in the entire world as a combat journalist.

While some people have a natural inclination for venturing into the murky unknown, Ortiz had five years to think about what he wanted to do with his life after that same penchant for fast-living landed him in federal prison.

(Text by Alec Banks from the interview "The Exceptional Journey of KC Ortiz, Through Graffiti, Prison, War Photography, & Art -

Image of KC Ortiz - Monday February 18 2008
Image of KC Ortiz - Monday February 18 2008
Image of KC Ortiz - Monday February 18 2008
Image of KC Ortiz - Monday February 18 2008