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Image of Kinga Bartis - Loooooooooop

Kinga Bartis - Loooooooooop

· 2400 DKK / 323 EUR
· Giclée print on Fine Art Radiant, Freja 265 gr. archival paper.
· 50 x 70 cm
· Edition of 15 + 2 A.P
· Year 2021
· Signed and numbered by the artist

We offer this artwork framed, either in a Nielsen Quadrum frame or a handcrafted box frame with UV glass. For both options you can choose between solid oak, red, black or white.
Contact us for other specific wishes.

If you order this artwork unframed, we will send it in a solid cardboard tube.
Unfortunately we can not send it framed.
If you order this artwork framed, please pick it up yourself at: Limited Works, Blågårdsgade 11.B, 2200 Copenhagen N.
Use the code PICKUP at check out to avoid shipping fee.

Loooooooooop and Give / Take is both made around the topic of self care and a process of healing. Both works deals with the obstacles of these, the need of change and the difficulties of looking inwards.

Looking inwards is voluntary. Looping thoughts lead to a glitch.
Once they started it’s difficult to catch them, they are all over the place. The body turns into a heavy shell, still but never silent. Filled with echos and a tiny mind.


"I focus on female subjects as this is what I have access to: my body, my subjectivity— as product of our time, defined by a deeply traditional, patriarchal upbringing with very fixed norms and gender roles. Knowing this allows me to keep exploring what is learned or forced upon us and what is desired, wished for, fantasised about. I am exploring how my sexuality is changing, how I am ageing, what I am passionate about, how I love and how I fight. Through painting I am also looking for alliance, others who are also on an explorative journey, sharing the interest of not only dismantling that male gaze etc. but to contribute to something that is not built on domination, exploitation and domestication. It is not for validating my subjectivity, claiming space with broad arm movements through wild brushstrokes, but sharing a methodology of challenging classical narratives, the constructed hierarchy and unlearning certain traditions."

The artist lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Image of Kinga Bartis - Loooooooooop
Image of Kinga Bartis - Loooooooooop
Image of Kinga Bartis - Loooooooooop
Image of Kinga Bartis - Loooooooooop