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Image of Kristian Touborg - Orchid Mantis

Kristian Touborg - Orchid Mantis

4.000 DKK / 537 €

· Lithograph printed on 300 g. heavy weight acid free cotton paper.
· 76 x 64 cm
· Edition of 40
· Year 2020
· Signed and numbered

If you wish to get this artwork framed, we recommend a handcrafted box frame. Choose between solid oak, walnut, black or white frame, and between anti-reflective UV glass or regular.

If you order this artwork without a frame, we will send it in a solid cardboard tube. Unfortunately we can not send it framed. If you order this artwork framed, please pick it up at: Limited Works, Blågårdsgade 11.B, 2200 Copenhagen N. Use the code PICKUP at check out to avoid shipping fee.


Kristian Touborg (born 1987, Denmark) combines painting as classic medium and digital tools and synthetic products to explore the field between figuration and abstraction, between oil paint and digital models, between original and copy, between painter and algorithm. Using both digital and analogue methods which merge – sometimes seamlessly, sometimes blatantly visibly – into a distinctive and almost symbiotic mode of expression, Kristian Touborg hints at something that is deeply intimate while at the same time flirting with the precursors to “artificial” personality and the challenges of using new technology in the struggle to express a personal feeling or mood.

Image of Kristian Touborg - Orchid Mantis
Image of Kristian Touborg - Orchid Mantis
Image of Kristian Touborg - Orchid Mantis