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Image of Magnus Frederik Clausen - Studier til Maleri 10

Magnus Frederik Clausen - Studier til Maleri 10

· 1600 DKK / app. 215 EUR
· Watercolour and pencil on archival paper
· 24 x 32 cm
· Year 2018
· Signed by the artist.

Please note that the price do not include framing, however we would be happy to arrange it for you. We recommend a handcrafted box frame with UV glass, for framing inquiries please write:

This artwork is available for shipping everywhere. But if you wish to buy it framed, then shipping is only available in Denmark. Pick up framed works at: Limited Works, Blågårdsgade 11.B, 2200 Copenhagen. Use the code “PICKUP” at check out, to avoid the shipping fee.

Magnus Frederik Clausen's primary interest is the exploration of the ecosystem of painting. Drawing inspiration from biology and the study of interactions between organisms and their surroundings, Clausen looks at the artwork as a dynamic component of a more extensive network.

To implement this approach, Clausen moves between two opposite poles: one focuses inwards and explores the painting's internal factors; the other points outwards and observes the picture's behavior within the environment.

Clausen performs his investigation through tests and experiments, where he either applies found material to the canvas or implement the artwork in a foreign setting.
The learning-by-doing process takes place on different platforms, and the results span from ad-libbing with color, materials and motives to outputs other than painting, such as installation and sculpture.

Image of Magnus Frederik Clausen - Studier til Maleri 10
Image of Magnus Frederik Clausen - Studier til Maleri 10