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Image of Mikkel Ørsted - Untitled (4)

Mikkel Ørsted - Untitled (4)

· 2400 DKK / 322 EUR
· Unique lithograph on heavy weight cotton paper
· 48 x 67 cm
· 2018
· E.A
· Signed by the artist

This artwork looks good in our Accent frames by Nielsen. We'll mount it on acid free card stock.
Choose between solid oak, black or white

Unfortunately we do not ship framed works of this size.
Pick up address: Limited Works, Blågårdsgade 17, Copenhagen.
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Mikkel Ørsted is a Danish artist and currently a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
Ørsted’s work is generally based on dual opposites. On the one hand the strictly formal, the mathematical, the industrial, the controlled. On the other hand the informal, the body, and the state of improvisation touching on the previous unknown – the transcendental moment before we identify a phenomenon.
Ørsteds primary medium is painting and printing and his works often contains rudiments of space and natural elements, highly stylized into an abstract sensuous phenomena. Not only a visual abstraction but more an abstraction of perception itself.

Image of Mikkel Ørsted - Untitled (4)
Image of Mikkel Ørsted - Untitled (4)
Image of Mikkel Ørsted - Untitled (4)
Image of Mikkel Ørsted - Untitled (4)