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Image of Simon Ganshorn - Untitled 12

Simon Ganshorn - Untitled 12

· 3000 DKK / 403 EUR
· Original artwork
· Collage, mixed media
· 29,7 × 42 cm (A3)
· 2019
· Signed

This artwork looks great in our ready made Quadrum frames. Choose between solid oak, dark blue, black or white. Contact gallery to request hand crafted options.

This artwork is available for shipping everywhere. But if you wish to buy it framed, then shipping is only available in Denmark. You are of course always welcome to pick it up in our shop, which is located at Blågårdsgade 11.B, 2200 Copenhagen. Use the code “PICKUP” at check out, to avoid the shipping fee.


Simon Ganshorn, Born in Denmark, 1985

"It is important that my work doesn’t reveal itself too much. I want my work to cast of information like a rebus. The desire to find the meaning and to know more... I often compare my works with cinema, where multiple narratives are entangled. Every time you think you understand the work, more questions immediately arises.
I am very aware that my work derive from fundamental human desire and it represents the symptoms of this desire. I see and create the translation of this in a sculptural way, a lot of different sculptural objects are inhabiting my practise. Emotions coupled with the desire, translated into shape and colour. For me the work is more like an external hard drive, a journal for possible emotional relationships to different kinds of human desire transformed into a physical object."

Image of Simon Ganshorn - Untitled 12
Image of Simon Ganshorn - Untitled 12