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Image of Stine Tranekjær - Sort Er Min Fjende (Revisited)

Stine Tranekjær - Sort Er Min Fjende (Revisited)

· Apx. 121,00 €
· 1 color screen print on 100gsm archival paper.
· 70 cm x 100 cm
· Edition of 16
· Signed and numbered by the artist

Stine Tranekjær - Born in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark (1981).
The silk-screened works by Stine B Tranekjær stand out by their poetic approach and their very rich and narrative relationship between colour and composition.

These graphic works are printed from full size paper cut stencils. Mastering her technique with a pair of scissors to perfection, Stine B Tranekjær carries homage to Henri Matisse and his later works.
In her work in general, Tranekjær has a strong but almost childlike take on human perception - in a seemingly naïve way she questions and approaches our fragility, every day habits and behaviours. Her passionate use of colour often seeks the boundaries of contrast and creates highly extrovert expressions.

Stine B Tranekjær works in painting, drawings, graphic prints and collage. Works by Stine B Tranekjær has been selected for the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (2009 and 2013) and she has been awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation (2011).

Image of Stine Tranekjær - Sort Er Min Fjende (Revisited)