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Image of Struan Teague - Test Print #9

Struan Teague - Test Print #9

· 50 x 70 cm
· Original
· multi colored screen print and mixed media on white acid-free archival 200gsm Fabriano paper

This artwork looks great in our readymade frame Quadrum from Nielsen. Choose between solid oak, black or white.

Unfortunately we do not ship framed works of this size, but you are welcome to pick it up in our shop, which is located at Blågårdsgade 11.B, 2200 Copenhagen. Use the code “NOSHIPPING” at checkout, to avoid the shipping fee.

Struan Teague (born in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1991) studied fine art in Dundee, Scotland. Teague is an abstract painter and printmaker interested in how visual expression translates within a separate area into written or spoken language. Working across both large and small scale canvases, screenprint editions, and artist books, Teague creates a visual language of forms through a balance of compositional structure and intuitive touch.

The artist lives and works in London, England.

Image of Struan Teague - Test Print #9