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Image of Thomas Pålsson - Unthinking Matter (Book)

Thomas Pålsson - Unthinking Matter (Book)

Apx 20 €
Danish/English text
Dust cover
170 x 240 mm
60 pages
B/W print
Perfect bound soft cover
130g Scandic uncoated paper
Edition of 50 hand numbered copies

Published September 2015
ISBN 978-87-997693-4-6
Graphic Design: Martin Ransby

The book is published in conjuction with the exhibition Unthinking Matter by Thomas Pålsson at Limited Works in Copenhagen, September 2015.

About the project

"The experiment is a simple one. Attempt the impossible task of drawing without thinking about it. The techniques used are classical drawing with a black felt tip pen and hand-crafting of screenprints – both on paper. I listen to online talks, audio tracks of documentaries and music to keep my mind distracted. Small black lines slowly compile into depictions of possible new beginnings – embryos of new worlds. An organic process of becoming that mimes nature’s own production of the physical, where uniform units come together and complexity emerges."

About the artist

Thomas Pålsson (1980) is a Copenhagen born and based visual artist with a background in graffiti and music. He works with drawing, painting, mural production and self-publishing in various formats and in a wide range of projects. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2007 and has been working, exhibiting and publishing independently since then.

Thomas Pålsson (1980) er billedkunstner med baggrund i graffiti og musik og er født og bosat i København. Han arbejder med tegning, maleri, murmaleri og d.i.y publikationer i en lang række sammenhænge og projekter. Han er uddannet fra Kunstakademiets Designskole i 2007 og har siden da produceret, udstillet og udgivet sit materiale uafhængigt.

Image of Thomas Pålsson - Unthinking Matter (Book)
Image of Thomas Pålsson - Unthinking Matter (Book)
Image of Thomas Pålsson - Unthinking Matter (Book)
Image of Thomas Pålsson - Unthinking Matter (Book)