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Image of Victor Ash - Transmission

Victor Ash - Transmission

· 3500 DKK / 469 EUR / 549 USD / 426 GBP
· Silkscreen print on 300 g. Velin d’Arches acid free paper
· 75 x 107 cm
· Edition of 66 + 4 AP
· Year 2018
· Signed and numbered by the artist

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"This is my latest work following the original story of the Berlin’s Astronaut Cosmonaut. When we saw the first tv-transmission in 1969 from Apollo missions the images showed us progress, future, science and hope of a better world. In this fainted image the astronaut is telling us that he is still out there in the universe, visiting another world, future and the past meet in the present"

Location: Copenhagens North West neighbourhood
Wall dimensions: Hight: 14 meters, width: 9,50 meters

Victor Ash was born in Portugal in 1968, he grew up and studied in Paris, moved to Denmark in 1995. He has been working professionally as an artist since 1991, and the last 17 years mostly based in Copenhagen. Pictorially he is known for his big scale figurative monochrome paintings commissioned for the public space all over the world. He is also into canvas paintings, installations and various other projects using different sorts of media and has been exhibiting his works in several institutions, like the Saatchi Gallery London, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst Bremens to name a few - as well as in international galleries.

Victor ash: "I started my career as an autodidact artist in the late 80ts in Paris, and later on I was approached by galleries and curators to exhibit my work. My inspirations are mostly based from a variety of personal experiences like moving from the country to the cityscape, and the theme of urban contemporary subcultures.

Image of Victor Ash - Transmission
Image of Victor Ash - Transmission
Image of Victor Ash - Transmission
Image of Victor Ash - Transmission